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TIMON OF ATHENS by William Shakespeare

Director: Rob Tiffen


Performances: 16-18, 22-25 February 2017 (matinée 25 February)


One of Shakespeare’s least well-known plays, Timon is a story about wealth, debt, true friendship and redemption. Timon begins the play living the high life, showering wealth and favours on “friends” and acquaintances. When he runs out of money, his “friends” let him down and he casts them off before heading to self imposed exile. Whilst in the wilderness, he discovers gold and with it the shallow “friends” come back and Timon, now full of scorn and misanthropy, rails at them whilst one of his true, unrecognised friends, tries to force the Athenians to change their ways. The ending is complex and in our production, perhaps not as it might at first seem….

The production will be set in the present day.


The play has around 45 different characters in it. In our production we will have 13 actors, with everyone apart from Timon and Alcibiades playing a number of different parts. We will need actors prepared to take on different characters.  We will also need actors who want to work for a strong ensemble feel.

We need at least 4 men, and 2 women; the other 7 actors could be either men or women. Playing ages are flexible because of the doubling. There are a lot of servant parts throughout the play. Virtually every actor will need to play a servant at one point and they will be in addition to the parts listed below.

M/F Poet/Lucullus/Titus                       

M/F Painter/Hortentius                         

F Jeweller/Ventidius/Phyrnia

F Merchant/Timandra/Soldier

M Timon  

M/F Flaminius      

M/F Old Man/Servilius/Philotas    


There will be a first round of auditions on Sun 2 October 2016 at 2pm at the Barn. Please prepare any Shakespeare piece and be prepared to work on it a little during the audition. There will then be a workshop style recall audition on Thurs 6 October at 7pm at the Barn.


Rehearsals will start with a read through on Wed 2 November followed by two workshops on Wed 9 and Wed 16 November. Rehearsals will then continue from w/c 28 November 2016 on a Monday, Tuesday and Thursday each week for December. We will stop between 22 December and 3 January and then carry on rehearsing on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday until w/c 30 January when we will also add Wednesday rehearsals until the show opens. We will rehearse on Sunday afternoons from 15 January onwards.

Evening rehearsals will begin at 7pm. Sunday rehearsals will begin at 2pm.


We will be working from the Oxford Shakespeare edition (ISBN 978-0-19-953744-0)

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M Lucilius/First Senator

M Apemantius/Lucius

M Alcibiades

M/F First Lord/Caphis/Second Senator

M/F Second Lord/First Stranger/Thief M/F Steward/Sempronius