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Flare Path


Director: Clare Williamson

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Performance dates: 22–24, 28 Feb–3 March (matinée 3 March) 2018


June Buckridge, famous for her portrayal of Sister George, the district nurse in a rural radio soap, is suffering a dual crisis. Professionally, she is terrified that her character is due for the chop. Domestically, she also worries that she is losing her powerful grip over her longtime lodger and probable lover, the child-like Alice. As a result, she becomes increasingly impossible to live with. Relationships are explored through scenes of clown-like comedy juxtaposed with moments of real pathos. There are interventions in the action from Mercy Croft , June's producer at the BBC who has her own private agenda, and Madam Xenia, a clairvoyant from the flat downstairs who offers warnings that all in the future is not looking rosy.

First performed in 1965 and contemporary to that period in its setting, this dark comedy explores the pattern of domination and submission in relationships.


June Buckridge:  30s & upwards.  Called George after her character in the radio soap opera, it is strongly implied that she is in a lesbian relationship with Childie. A gin-guzzling, cigar-chomping, slightly sadistic masculine woman, the antithesis of the sweet character she plays.

Alice “Childie” McNaught:  20s & upwards. Child-like but with an element of manipulativeness.

Mrs Mercy Croft: 30s & upwards.  The steely BBC producer – the smiler with the knife. There is an implication that she too is a lesbian attracted by Alice’s charms.

Madame Xenia:  30s & upwards . A fantastically batty clairvoyant who lives in the flat downstairs – comically eccentric.

Please note: ages of characters can be reasonably flexible though it is important that Childie is younger than both George and Mercy Croft


Tuesday 5 September 7.30pm in the Barn

Audition pieces will be provided upon arrival on the night of the audition. There is no necessity to prepare anything in advance. However, all auditionees are encouraged to read the play.

If you are unable to make the audition date, please contact the director as soon as possible to make another arrangement.


Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays. There will be a few Sundays to accommodate full runs/tech rehearsals etc. Rehearsals will begin week of Mon 11 December. There will be a read through and character workshop shortly after casting.


Samuel French: ISBN0 573 03017 0

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