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The Sewell Barn Company

Flare Path


Director: Peter Wood


Performances: 30, 31 March; 1 and 5-8 April 2017 (matinée 8 April)


Things are not going to plan for one family living in the faded Yorkshire seaside resort of Withernsea.  Milkman Martin is struggling under the weight of competition from local supermarkets, his dilapidated float a constant reminder of the parlous state of his business. Something clearly isn’t right with Kath’s kitchen sink. Billy is hoping to secure a place at art college with his audition piece - a revealing portrait of Dolly Parton. Meanwhile, Sophie’s dreams of becoming a ju-jitsu instructor may have been dashed.

Tom Well’s play is about big dreams and small changes and how bringing about those changes can make a difference. This sweet-natured, tender and funny portrait of a modern family won several awards when it was first produced at the Bush Theatre in 2011.


Martin (40-50) A proud man who, even though he’s up against it, stubbornly clings to his milk round because he feels valued and proud that he runs a business that serves the community. Can sometimes come across as a bit cold and uncaring but there is a tender side to him as well.

Kath (40-50) Gets fed up and frustrated with her family but manages to hold things together. At times she is exasperated by what she perceives as the members of the family being stuck in a rut.  

Billy (late teens) A young gay man who has hopes of getting into art college. However, he is plagued by self doubt and lack of confidence.

Sophie (early to mid 20s) Strong-willed and not afraid to speak her mind. Her temper sometimes gets the better of her - frequently with negative consequences.

Pete (early to mid 20s) A plumber by trade, Pete is the outsider. He has no family (save for his gran) and misses what he thinks everyone else in the play has. He’s not the brightest spark in the pack but is nevertheless amiable and unaffected. He’s also very fond of Sophie.


As things stand, I hope to rehearse on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays and some Sunday afternoons. Weekday rehearsals will commence at 7.00pm, Sundays at 2 pm


Thurs 17 November at 7.30 in the Barn.

The audition will focus on the script. It is advisable to have read the play before auditioning.


Published by NHB (Nick Hern Books). ISBN 978 1 84842 222 3

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