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Flare Path

 KISSING SID JAMES by Robert Farquhar

Director: Angela Rowe

Contact: 07905 886038

Performances: 4-6, 10-13 May 2017 (matinée 13 May)


Set mid-1980's, Blackpool, wet-weekend out of season.  Mainly set in a 'down at the heel' hotel room, also beach, the pier, a bar/nightclub and the hospital.


2 cast, 1 male and 1 female.

Eddie - Performing age 30-40.  Travelling stationery salesman.  Still lives at home with his mum.  Never going to amount to much.  Basically a loser.


Crystal - A bingo caller.  Performing age mid-20's to mid-30's (younger than Eddie).  Divorced and looking to improve her lot in life.  Sparky, has some drive, definitely the more realistic of the two.


PLEASE NOTE: The play requires the cast to sing - badly - and does involve a very unsexy sex scene (which will be conducted in very dim lighting) but does require some, errr, appropriate noises.  Oh, and there is a drunken snog as well.


Wed 25 January 2017 at 7.30 pm in the Barn.

A couple of exercises then lines.  I will not be auditioning people individually because I must see the interaction between the actors.


I aim to start 6-7 weeks before curtain up, the cast have to be at all the rehearsals given that there are only two of them so whatever we work out between us.


ISBN 978-0856762666

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