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ROMEO AND JULIET by William Shakespeare

Director Carole Lovett

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Performance dates: 10–12, 16–19 May (matinée 19 May) 2018


‘Romeo and Juliet’ is Shakespeare’s classic story of young love that ends in stark tragedy. This production will be set in the present day.


Juliet – female, the script states quite clearly that she is fourteen years old. Although the actor does not have to be as young as this she must look as though she is.

Romeo – male, very young, probably between fourteen and sixteen, and the actor needs to look very young even if he is older than this.

Mercutio – male, of an age with Romeo.

Benvolio – male, of an age with Romeo.

Tybalt – Juliet’s cousin and the same age as the other  young people in the play.

Escalus, Prince of Venice - probably male and probably between forty and fifty.

Paris – the intended betrothed of Juliet, early twenties to thirties.

Montague – Romeo’s father, forties to fifties.

Capulet – Juliet’s father. Any age from forty upwards.

Lady Capulet – Juliet’s mother, late twenties.

Cousin Capulet – aged relative of the family.

Nurse – late twenties to forties.

Peter – a servant, any age.

Friar Laurence – probably older rather than younger.

Apothecary – any age.

Other servants and hangers-on

Please note that these casting notes are extremely provisional. A lot will depend on who auditions for me and how well various actors fit in with each other. There are several roles that may well go to women rather than men and some of the roles may be doubled. Everyone will be kept very busy!

Although I tend to cut scripts quite violently at the beginning of rehearsals I have been known to reinstate lines if I am given a good enough reason to put them back in.


Date: Wednesday 6 December at 7.30 pm at the Sewell Barn

Your audition piece should be a Shakespeare speech. It can be read rather than memorised if you wish.


I usually rehearse on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings and several Sunday daytimes. Until the last weeks of the rehearsal time most people will not be required to attend every single session.

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