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Flare Path

PASSION PLAY by Peter Nichols

Director Judi Daykin


Performances 8-10, 14-17 June 2017 (matinée 17 June)


Eleanor and James are a happily married and successful middle-aged couple, until the arrival of young, sexy Kate. Theirs is not the first marriage that Kate has destroyed. But when James falls for Kate, who knows what Eleanor and he are thinking? We do. In this witty and racy play, Peter Nichols brings the couple’s thoughts right onto the stage as alter egos. As the affair unfolds in cafes, gallery openings and the couple’s living room, the audience are uniquely privy to the shared words and unshared thoughts of Eleanor and James.


Kate - aged 25-35 (the mistress!)

James - 45-55 (real couple)

Eleanor - 40-50 (real couple)

Agnes - 40-50 (Eleanor’s friend)

Jim - 45-55 (James’ alter ego)

Nell - 40-50 (Eleanor’s alter ego)

Ages are approximate, the couple should look of similar age, Kate noticeably younger and Agnes similar in age to Eleanor.

A number of other actors, male and female, all ages to be waiters, a doctor, guests and critics at private views, shop assistants etc and to help move settings.

The play includes sexual references and some simulated sexual acts, so actors must be prepared to participate if required by the script. This will be done in the best possible taste!


Mon 6 February 2017 7.30pm in the Barn.

Reading sections of the script, which will be provided.


TBC - but 3 times a week to begin with, likely to be weekday evenings and some Sunday evenings.


ISBN 1-85459-605-5

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