By Jez Butterworth

21-23, 27-30 November 2019 at 7.30pm

Matinée 30 November at 2.30pm

“Beckett on speed, savagely funny, in fast forward,with no time to wait for Godot”

It’s 1958 in Soho. A rock and roll revolution is sweeping the country. In the Atlantic Bar, in the heart of London’s clubland, there is a body in a bin. Four young men are popping pills and feeling paranoid.

When Mojo was first performed at The Royal Court in 1995 it carved out Jez Butterworth’s reputation as one of the decade’s most important new dramatists. Hailed as “Pinter on acid”, his writing is fast, furious, and very funny. This dark comedy bristles with masculine energy and menace.

Contains very strong language and adult themes