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The Sewell Barn Company

Flare Path


Director: Clare Howard

Contact: 07847 333032

Performances: 12-14 & 18-21 January 2017 (matinée 21 January)


Haunted by the suicide of their youngest child, Eugene, an educated, cultured, Dublin family retreat to their holiday cottage on the untamed west coast of Ireland, the place of his death, to mark his 21st birthday.  The family are divided by their grief, and in this place they are challenged by the primal landscape, superstitions, their relationships and their need to move on.  The guardian, or spirit, of the place is an elderly cousin, Bridget, who found Eugene's body.  Arriving uninvited, she chooses this moment to reveal a secret about his death.

This beautifully written play won acclaim when premiered in 2007, and, in the best modern Irish tradition, overlays rationalism with a gloss of something ancient and poetic.  Although dealing with a dark and difficult subject, the play is infused with humour and is ultimately cathartic.  


3F, 2M.  Ages given are approximate playing ages.  All roles are substantial and complex.

Margaret mid-late 40s The mother.  A Donegal woman, who retains her accent.  A university lecturer in English Literature.

Leo  mid 40s - mid 50s The father.  A successful businessman with a chain of pubs

Louise early 20s their daughter, a primary school teacher

Simon early 20s their elder son, a bookseller   

Bridget 70+ Leo's distant cousin.  Eccentric, mischievous and fey.

AUDITION:  Sunday 24th July 2016 at 7.30pm in the Barn

If you are unable to make this date, please contact the director as soon as possible to make another arrangement.

The audition will take the form of group-work around characterisation and family relationships, followed by work on the text.  


Faber & Faber ISBN 978-0-571-23303-8


Details to be confirmed, but likely to start at the beginning of November.  Three or four rehearsals a week initially, including some longer Sunday rehearsals.  Christmas break to be agreed.  It is likely that all characters, with the possible exception of Bridget, will be required at all rehearsals.  The cast will be expected to be off the book at an early stage.  Support will be given with accents and the oddments of song that permeate the play.

Back to casting notes Casting notes

There are still three roles to be cast for this production and there will be an additional audition on 16 August at 7.30pm in the theatre.                   

The remaining roles are (nb slight change of playing ages to original casting notes):

Margaret - the mother. Donegal accent. Playing age mid 40s/early 50s.

Leo - the father. Dublin accent. Playing age mid 40s - late 50s

Louise - the daughter. Dublin accent. Playing age early 20s.