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By Christopher Marlowe

Director: Chris Bealey

Contact details:

Performance dates:  28 – 30 March, 3 – 6 April (including a matinee on 6 April)


Faustus is a morality play that explores the downfall of over-indulging the appetites. Faustus' appetite is shown to be voracious initially for knowledge and then for the baser desires that he is tempted with throughout the play.  So strong are his desires that he makes the original deal with the devil and sells his soul for eternity in return for 23 years of luxuriousness.

The production will draw out and highlight this key theme with live music and the company interchanging between the real and grotesque characters. The timeless theme will have a timeless setting that marks the rise fall and eventual damnation of Dr John Faustus.


Doctor John Faustus – title role with largest speeches and emotional journey. Male aged ideally 25-40 and should have experience of classical text

Mephistophilis  - this role is already cast and will be played by John Dane

Chorus -  ideally including a range of ages an equal mix of gender, six to eight people playing:

Seven Deadly Sins: Lust, Anger, Jealousy, Pride

Wagner Faustus' servant,

Valdes and Cornelius - two German scholars of the dark arts

Scholar one and Scholar Two – Faustus’ peers



Good Angel and Evil Angel - two figures that appear to Faustus and attempt to influence him

The Pope 

Charles V, Emperor of Germany 

Duke and Duchess of Vanholt 

Old Man - appears to Faustus during the last scene


Helen of Troy,

Spirits and apparitions that appear during the course of the play.

Four singers – ideally live or recorded if necessary


Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays. There will be a few Sundays to accommodate full runs/tech rehearsals etc. Rehearsals will begin week of Mon 20th January. There will be a read through and character workshop shortly after casting.


Sunday 4th November for Faustus in the Barn, 7pm

Audition pieces for Faustus will be provided in advance of the audition.

Sunday 2nd December for all other roles, 6pm

There will be a mixture of voice and movement work for this audition and no preparation is needed. However, all auditionees are encouraged to read a version of the play.

If you are unable to make the audition date, please contact the director as soon as possible to make another arrangement.

The script is an edited version of one of the forms of play and the text will be available for auditions.