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Talking Heads

By Alan Bennett

8-10, 14-17 June 2017 at 7.30pm

Matinée 17 June at 2.30pm

Alan Bennett's Talking Heads are some of the mbest loved monologues ever written. Witty, moving, insightful, controversial, they invite you into the homes and hearts of ordinary women in extraordinary circumstances. 

In A Lady of Letters, lonely spinster Irene watches the world from behind net curtains, writing to complain about anything she sees. But when a couple across the road seem to be abusing their child, should she intervene?

Recently widowed Muriel faces a series of challenges and revelations after the sudden death of husband Ralph, not least from her two children. As the truth about the family is uncovered, will she manage to keep Soldiering On?

Lesley is a young aspiring actress, so she is not about to miss Her Big Chance when it comes along. But is the film she becomes involved in as good an opportunity as she thinks? Can she learn to water ski and play chess in time, or fit into the dress and bikini they need her to wear? 


Dawn Brindle

Hattie Scopes

Judi Daykin

Director - Judi Daykin