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The Sewell Barn Company

Flare Path

ACCOLADE by Emlyn Williams

Director: Clare Williamson


Performances:  20-22, 26-29 October 2016 (matinée 29 October)


Will Trenting, the author of ten novels, is riding high. He’s about to be knighted and has been awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. His novels reflect and explore his personal experiences of the seedy side of life: dingy pubs, prostitutes, sex parties. At the same time, he has a loving marriage with an understanding wife and a 14 year old son who, like the rest of society, knows nothing of his father’s secret life.  When photos involving under-age sex come to light and blackmail is threatened, Will and his family must come to terms with divided loyalties and the destruction of their happy lives.

First performed in 1950 and contemporary to that period in its setting, Emlyn Williams presents us with a likeable, sympathetic protagonist in Will Trenting and then challenges our preconceptions and judgements as the revelations begin. This psychological thriller is as relevant today as it was 60 years ago.


Will Trenting  40-50 - “an unusual  combination of physical and mental vigour”

Albert 30-50 - Will’s valet-chauffeur “manages to have a permanent twinkle in his eye yet remains the perfect servant”

Rona 35-45 - Will’s wife - “without Will’s unconsciously dominating personality, she is every bit as spontaneous”

Thane Lampeter  40-50 - friend to the Trentings - “the manner of a sophisticated barrister, warmed by kindly tolerance”

Marian Tillyard 35-45 - friend to the Trentings  - “a warm, unaffected personality…more conventional than Roma”

Ian 13-14 but could be played by a young adult - the son - “young for his age….his shyness is pleasant and unselfconscious”

Harold 25-35 - one of Will’s party-going friends - “lower class…with a preoccupation for enjoyment. He looks like a chauffeur off duty”

Phyllis 25-35 - Harold’s wife and one of Will’s party-going friends - “lower class…takes vice for granted…a nicely dressed barmaid”

Daker 40-60 “ an insignificant man, shabby genteel… quick and nervous with a touch of affable subservience”


Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays. There will be a few Sundays to accommodate full runs/tech rehearsals etc. Rehearsals will begin week of Tuesday 30 August. There will be a read through and character workshop shortly after casting.


Sunday 19th June 2016 at 7:00 pm in the Barn

Audition pieces will be provided upon arrival on the night of the audition. There is no necessity to prepare anything in advance. However, all auditionees are encouraged to read the play. If you are unable to make this date, please contact the director as soon as possible to make another arrangement.

SCRIPT: Samuel French: ISBN 978-0-573-11034-4

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